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The First International Conference: The Ecclesiology of Pope Francis

The Brazilian Society of Systematic Theology aims to promote the study, research and publication of specific themes of fundamental and systematic theology. To ensure this goal, it will offer Conferences and Seminars open to all in view of a theological update. It will also promote periodic meetings of teachers of fundamental and systematic theology to enable dialogue, mutual collaboration and joint study of themes inherent to this sector of theology.

In this first Conference, the SBTS invites the study of ecclesiology present in the documents, pronouncements and, mainly, in the decisions and actions of Pope Francis.

With this, he intends to render a service both to theology and to the Church in general. To theology, by the attentive consideration of the themes and approaches characteristic of the pontificate of Francis. To the Church, for the deepening of the missionary paradigm and the meaning of the challenge of leaving for the existential peripheries.